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"...My Botox looks amazing! Sydney does such a great job...My face looks younger and more rested but without looking unnatural. She also does a wonderful derma planing treatment.  It leaves your skin glowing!"                                      


"I just went in for my follow up with Sydney!  She is amazing.  So happy with my services and will be my go to place from now on!"                                      


"After my consultation, I went in a week later for Restylane Silk underneath my eyes and Dysport in my forehead.  Sydney did my services and I couldn't be happier.  It looks amazing!"        


"I went in to have my first Botox injection and I was very nervous.  I am only 25 but have these horrid wrinkles in my forehead hat started to set in even when I wasn't making a face.  Static wrinkles...already.  I hated them and hated how I would always have to retouch them in photos. Sydney took care of me and was very sweet and informative.  I had lots of questions during my consultation and she was very patient and explained things thoroughly.  I ended up having Dysport injected in my forehead...It is now 2 weeks later and I LOVE my results.  My forehead has smoothed out and I am way less self-conscious of it!  Nothing looks fake or abnormal. Also, I have less of my "normally regular" headaches. Needless to say, I am VERY happy with my results and I will be back!


"Sydney was extremely knowledgeable about all of the different options out there to accomplish what I was looking for.  She explained the pros and cons of each treatment as well as their price-points.  From there I was able to make an informed decision.  My results were radiant and I have my next appointment tomorrow!  So is it worth it...the answer is YES!"